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Here at Dunx Drum School we also rent out a rehearsal room for local bands who would like somewhere to practice regularly for a good price.

The space costs £20 for a 2 hour practice. From this point every hour extra costs £5. For example a 4 hour rehearsal would cost £30. The rehearsal space is equipped with the following gear as standard.

  • Microphones
  • Mic Stands
  • Mic leads
  • 800 watt PA system

For a set rate of £10 you can also hire out the following equipment for your convenience:

  • Marshall 100 watt stack amp
  • Crate 120 watt stack amp
  • Line 6 LD170 Bass Amp
  • Mapex Horizon 5 piece kit with stands (no cymbals)


In addition to the rehearsal room I also offer the following services to make you feel at home, as much as possible:

  • Equipment storage  (£10 per week)

On top of this there is also kitchen and toilet facilities.

If you think you and your band might be interested then please contact us via the contact page.