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 Duncan has been my drum teacher since I started drumming back when I was in year 8. Now going into year 12, I have passed my grades 1 and 3 drum exams, performed in all 3 of the school’s annual concerts, and learned some of my favourite songs on the drums as well as developing myself as a competent and capable drummer for my age, with a view to sitting my grade 5 shortly – all thanks to Duncan! Learning to play drums with Duncan has really helped me build up my confidence, which even led to me doing a solo piece in the 2012 summer performance. When you have known Duncan for almost four years, it is more like being taught by a friend, rather than a teacher, and this is why the lessons are such a pressure free atmosphere! Duncan is the kind of teacher who can turn anybody into the drummer they aim to be…
– Richard Wainwright –
“I have been under Duncan’s watchful eye for 4 years now and I am going to be taking my grade 4 in December.
Duncan has helped me all the way and even though I suffer from extreme performance anxiety, he has really encouraged me to participate in as many concerts as possible so I can build my confidence.
What I really like about Dunx Drum School is the variety of songs you learn to play to, from blues to pop and from punk to rock, so there is something for everyone. I have even learnt how to play to some of my favourite songs after I suggested to do them in the lesson!
But what I love most about the lessons is the calm, pressure free atmosphere. Duncan never forces or pressurizes you into grading but, always let’s you know it is within your capabilities.”
– Molly Crowe –
“I have been going to Dunx Drum School for 2 and a 1/2 years. He has made learning to play the drums fun and exciting. Duncan helped me pass my 1st and 2nd gradings – 1st with Merit and 2nd with Distinction. Sometimes when I get distracted I take a break and we have an arm wrestle which I always win! Then I get back to concentrating. He calls me a Nutter! I always look forward to my drum lessons.”
– Joshua Frith –
Duncan Lee, of Dunx Drum School, recently came to Aston Rowant to deliver a drum workshop to our Key Stage 2 pupils. It was a very successful event, thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils. Duncan delivered two hour-long sessions to Yr 3/4 and Yr 5/6 and maintained the children’s interest and enthusiasm throughout. In gaining the opportunity to work in small groups alongside others, the children were able to experience the great satisfaction of contributing to a whole ensemble. Duncan readily recognised the different ability and confidence levels of the children and was able to draw out the diffident pupils whilst giving the more able ones a chance to shine. As a member of the school staff I can attest to how easy and enjoyable it was to work alongside him, and from the perspective of the children I believe that the opportunity to experience a dynamic and hands-on music session with quality drums is invaluable…and it was free!
Esther Stanway-Williams Primary School Music Teacher (John Hampden, Tetsworth, Aston Rowant)